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about us

We are a group of investors and entrepreneurs interested in developing an integrated real estate project on Caribbean.
For more than 15 years, we specialized in emerging markets investment, infrastructure projects, IT, projects development.

We are proud to work with some of the world’s most innovative developers, scientists, architects, engineers. In cooperation with them, and working closely to the government, educational centers and explorers, we are able to shape and implement our unique vision. Hope to see you as part of our international and multi scientific team and neighbor in future.

Are you a high-level entrepreneur, scientist, inventor, company owner or simply passion IT investor and promising start-up clairvoyant? You are ready for new challenges, prospects, opportunities and at the same time not have to choose between work and family, spend more time at home and see how your kids grow up? And the most intriguing - to become a pioneer of a project that can change the world and the future? The main idea is a creation and development of a separate and unique city/village, the inhabitants of which will be connected by similar ideas, a life style, an approach to life, education, significant psychological compatibility, etc. The key feature of the settlement is the fact that housing is supposed to be sold to representatives of science, information technology, developers, designers, inventors, investors.



Unspoilt beauty. Culture preserved. Diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise. Trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean destination. Volcanic peaks, boiling waters and underwater champagne springs. Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest canopies. Celebrations of music, art and flowers. It is Dominica.


IT & Science

Smart city R&D center

IT Acceleration company

Co-working and IT events

IT and scientific startups



At least 70 houses with the necessary infrastructure will be constructed on the area of 15 hectares, with potential for further expansion. Further, the entire urban infrastructure will be organized on the principle and on the platform of Smart City. In the future, the whole island can become the world's first Smart Island, the core of which will be our city.

Live among your own kind


We offer not just a “property on island", but complex solution of perfect place for living.

Settlement located in a perfectly suitable place to live, with excellent climate, ecology, health care, social stability, opportunities for further self-realization, extremely attractive tax regime, developed communications and incalculable opportunities for recreation, tourism and education of children.

Become a Dominican


Dominica runs one of the world’s most reputable Citizenship Programs, which offers prudent investors the ability to access the world through a trusted and affordable route to a second citizenship.

Dominica offers tax-free status to companies locating from abroad. It is not known how many companies benefit from the tax-free status because of the strict confidentiality the government enforces, although it is known many Internet businesses utilize Dominica for this reason.