Your office in Paradise

Meet Dominica


Future home

- 2 airports on the Island

- 400-seat catamarans ferries passengers between Dominica, Guadeloupe (Fr.), Martinique (Fr.) and St. Lucia.

- Education is provided at primary, secondary and college level.

-Legal System based on British Common Law


Nice people

- The island is sparsely populated with 70,000 people inhabiting its 289 square miles.

- Dominica, by crime, is one of the safest places in the region.

- Local people are very friendly and hospitable.

- On the island is large number of centenarians.


State support

The project is implemented with the full support and endorsement of the government of Dominica.

General information

Dominica’s location is 15 degrees North latitude and 61 degrees West longitude. The island sits midway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, just a few miles from Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the north. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is mostly referenced in official communiqués and to distinguish the island from its northerly Caribbean sister, the Dominican Republic.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is becoming in recent years a major international financial center. The largest sectors are "offshore banking, payment processing companies, and general corporate activities". There are a number of service providers include global financial institutions such Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, First Caribbean International Bank.

Bananas and other agriculture dominate Dominica's economy, and nearly one-third of the labor force works in agriculture. This sector, however, is highly vulnerable to weather conditions and to external events affecting commodity prices. In response to this the government has diversified the agricultural sector by promoting the production of coffee and exotic fruits such as mango, guava, and papaya. Also, Dominica's mountains, rainforests, freshwater lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, and diving spots make it one of the most attractive eco-tourism destination in the world. Dominica supposedly offers tax-free status to companies locating from abroad. It is not known how many companies benefit from the tax-free status because of the strict confidentiality the government enforces, although it is known many Internet businesses utilize Dominica for this reason. The country offers an official and legally mandated economic citizenship to those seeking a valid second passport.

Future & Environment
    Known as “The Nature Island,” Dominica’s tropical rainforests cover two thirds of the island, and are home to 1,200 plant species. Rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls abound, fed by the island’s high annual rainfall. Its volcanic physique points to extensive geothermal activity – even underwater. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Caribbean. Natural beauty of the island attract film makers and writers (best known - Pirates of the Caribbean). Diving, hiking, whale watching, yachting and much more activities, ideally combined with healthy and absolutely nature Creolian cuisine, fruits, vegetables and seafood, invite fans of adventure and exotics from all over the world and many of them remain on Island to continue daily discovering. Realizing the value of nature, ecology and the environment, the government is doing everything to preserve situation and maintain Islands rank as one of the cleanest and quietest place on the planet.

We believe, the best possible results may be achieved at a combination the results of each individual, improving the whole society. The economy of the 21st century - it is not the natural resources, not plants and factories but new technologies, research and development combined with the capacity of rapid transformation in change environments. That is why IT Island project cannot be considered only as a real estate project (this is only the first, but most important stage), it is far more extensive and versatile project that can have a significant positive impact on the economy and the future of the country as a whole.