IT Island project idea

Our main target in this project – to create the background for synergies origin which make an impulse for each person, new businesses, local society and country. The key feature of the settlement is the fact that housing is supposed to be sold to representatives of science, information technology, web developers / designers, inventors, investors and all those who by their direct activities may but are not obliged to promote the development of the regional location of the village and the state as a whole.

IsleIT project

key facts

Good ecology

Developed Infrastructure

Friendly Taxation

High innovative and sientific potential

Humanity has spent hundreds of years and a lot of money to create convenient and comfortable megapolises. However, many people live there only as long as they get an opportunity to move to a more friendly and quiet environment where they can not only work but also live, travel, raise children.

70 houses with the necessary infrastructure will be constructed on the area of 15 hectares, with the further potential for expansion.
Potential buyers of real estate can be both private individuals and companies wishing in such a way to transfer their activity to a new region. The most interesting option is the availability of several categories of buildings: the highest level, "bungalow“, town houses with several apartments.

Planned development of the IT activity as the following step in a city development is assumed to require the availability of co-working offices for both every day working and conducting periodical IT events in which external visitors and guests will participate.

It is difficult to say what is primary and what is secondary: an abundance of brains or money. One is undoubtedly, if on a relatively small territory is concentrated a large number of highly qualified experts - scientists, engineers, businessmen ("critical mass of brains and money"), the results are astonishing!

After “critical mass of brain and ideas” with well-established ties with venture capital investors will be collected in one place, we are able to see some ways for IT development inside the village:

Smart city R&D center. The IsleIT concept of serviced settlement for high-tech entrepreneurs and professionals is built around the few well-known names to establish their off-shore R&D centers based on the provided infrastructure.

IT Acceleration company. The idea of our settlement is that itself it is something like a startup acceleration program. It is aimed for scientific oriented or pure online startups and professional individuals. Those who will require a calmer and more isolated environment, than it is in Silicon Valley and other crowded places.

Co-working. Typically it is attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors or people who travel frequently who end up working in relative isolation. In our case its allow us to attract external visitors, freelancers, stage IT events and so on.

IT startups with involvement of local specialists, educational establishments, and the current infrastructure.

Village Overview


Are you tired of the city noise, hot road, daily danger for your family and children, from the rush and disappointed urban life?

At the cottage «IT Island» everything for is harmonious and comfortable life, security service, sports and playgrounds, running tracks, comfortable beaches, mini market, restaurant, car wash. This handy to have alongside in case you suddenly do not want to enjoy one of the many attractions of the island to spend a day on a yacht or visit one of the many friends on Island. And friends you will have a lot, because such friendliest, cheerful and hospitable inhabitants like Dominicans you even can’t imagine.

IT Island is the best place to raise children, doing things, you loves; enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, just live as you want. Ideal for travellers and passionate anglers, dedicated yachtsman and outdoor enthusiasts.

IT Island will satisfy the most demanding. From smart wealth to breathtaking luxury. Choose your option - and goes to the right direction – our city awaits its new residents!

Come to visit us - as visiting well!

And stay - because the home is still better!

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